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Hastings 3 day boat festival.

Posted by lavy on July 16, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Hastings & St Leonards 111th International Sea Angling Boat Festival.


This year’s three day boat festival was fished last Friday Saturday and Sunday. After a stiffish breeze from the northeast on the Friday the weather for the rest of the weekend was exceptional with hot sun and cloudless skies and very light winds.


This match is determined on the five best specimens weighed in with points being given according to the percentage of the specimen weight.


Fishing was generally good with some fine specimens being weighed in, dabs and smoothounds were very good along with some good rays, wrasse and dogfish.


This year’s winner came on the Friday with Bill Ellis scoring an exceptional 452 points to win the South of England Trophy and the first prize of £500. Bill also took The ICSA Gold Cup for most Festival points (1071) and the Herne Bay Cup for the best dogfish, a smoothound of 15lb 3oz.


Lucy Cramp aged just 12 had the best specimen o the Festival a very fine dab of 1lb 2¾oz for 125 points for the Friendship Trophy and £500 best specimen prize.


Lucy’s mum Sunisa Cramp also had a very good match winning the Ladies Rosebowl with 236 points


Top Junior was George Dadswell who took all three junior trophies.


Rodney Shoesmith took the Veterans Trophy and was top scorer on the Saturday with a very good bag of dabs for 378 points.


Colin Crosby won on Sunday and took the Lewis Abbott Cup for most flatfish points with 5 excellent dabs for 403 points (usually enough for a clear festival win!).


Best Skate was a cracking thornback ray of 12lb 2oz caught by Gavin Bourne. Another notable ray was a rare Painted ray of 9lb caught by Pete Wiseman and taken alive to the Sea Life centre where hopefully it will go on display soon.

The Prizes were presented by East Hastings AA Hon Sec John Thompson in the absence of Vice Chairman Jack Reece QPM. Great thanks is given by everyone involved for the generous support of the main sponsors Alex and Ellie of White’s Seafood & Steak Bar in the Old Town, Charlie Ball of C&G Commercial Services Ltd, Hastings Windows, Hastings Hire Centre and Berforts Ltd. Many thanks also to tackle suppliers Akios, Sonik and Svendsen Sports for donating fine tackle prizes.


Main Trophy winners

South of England Trophy - Most points on one day –Bill Ellis (452)

Friendship Trophy – Best specimen in the Festival – Lucy Cramp Dab (125%)

ICSA Gold Cup – Most points in the Festival – Bill Ellis (1071)

Cinema Deluxe Cup – Greatest weight of fish on one day –Paul Murray 47.5lb

Lewis Abbott Cup- Most points from flatfish in one day – Colin Crosby (403)

Amsterdam Trophy – Biggest conger in the Festival – Mick Chapman 46lb 13oz.

Southend Cup – Most points from congers in one day – Mick Chapman

Borough of Hastings Cup – Biggest fish in the Festival- Mick Chapman

Hastilow Cup - Heaviest cod in the Festival –Colin Sivers 12lb

Herne Bay Cup - Best specimen dogfish –Bill Ellis Smoothound 15lb 3oz

Palmer Cup - Most points from cod in one day –Colin Sivers

Richardson Trophy heaviest ray – Gavin Bourne thornback ray 12lb 12oz

Farnham Trophy – team of four – Alan Kent, Paul Murray, Bill Ellis and Pete Wiseman

Veteran’s trophy – Rodney Shoesmith (378)

Ladies Rose bowl – Sunisa Cramp (236)

Bon Ami Cup - Most junior points in one day – George Dadswell (261)

Skinners Trophy – Best junior percentage on one day- George Dadswell (261)

RNLI trophy – Most Junior points in Festival – George Dadswell (474)

TSB Shield – Most points from flatfish – Rodney Shoesmith (869)

Saffir Vissers trophy – Most different species – Yogi Poland (5)

Observer Boat Trophy – top local angler- Bill Ellis (386)

Coxswain Cup – most specimens – Bill Ellis (2)

Whitbread trophy – longest fish –Mick Chapman 79 inches

Coronation Cup – best club team of four on one day – Steve Shoesmith, Steve Carley, Pete Wiseman, John Thompson (EHSAA)

Nelson Cup – top score in Coronation Cup – Steve Shoesmith (322)

Family Cup – Colin and Ralph Crosby (757)

Pollack Cup – Mick Chapman

Frank James Cup Best Veteran Flatfish – Pete Lucas 4lb 4oz Plaice

Club Boat Mick Gilchrist 11⅜oz Dab

Friday Prizes on Points

1st Pete Galloway 382

2nd Paul Murray 367

3rd Charlie Ball 300

4th Keith Sturmer 295

5th Colin Crosby 289

6th Paul Parsons 278

7th John Billings 266


Friday Prizes on Percentage

1st Pete Wiseman 100.4%

2nd Barry Coleman 89%

3rd Ralph Crosby 85%

4th Mick Gilchrist 73%

5th Kay Goodwin 72%

6th Colin Sivers 70.75%

7th Kevin Galloway 70.5%

Saturday Prizes on Points

1st Rodney Shoesmith 378

2nd Keith Sturmer 326

3rd Glen Shoesmith 323

4th Paul Murray 314

5th Colin Crosby 302

6th Bill Ellis 289

7th John Billings 288


Saturday Prizes on Percentage

1st Barry Coleman 106%

2nd Jamie Copeland 88%

3rd Mick Chapman 83%

4th B Smith 81%

5th Graham Ingermells 75.10%

6th Ted Eldridge 75.00%

7th Pete Wiseman 71%


Sunday Prizes on Points

1st Colin Crosby 403

2nd Paul Murray 366

3rd Ralph Crosby 354

4th Rex Palmer 350

5th Bill Ellis 350

6th Steve Shoesmith 326

7th Rodney Shoesmith 322


Sunday Prizes on Percentage

1st Pete Galloway 110%

2nd G Bisson 107%

3rd D Oliver 104%

4th Gavin Bourne 98%

5th P Lucas 95%

6th Dave Kite 85%

7th Simon Young 84%


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